Psychic Cop – Autobiography by
Chuck Bergman

The Everything Guide to Evidence of the Afterlife

Paranormal Contact With Famous Celebrities


Chuck Bergman is the ultimate hero! Not only did he protect and serve as a police officer for over thirty years, his God-given talent as a psychic medium now helps countless people around the world solve the mysteries behind their loved ones’ passing and or disappearances. Chuck’s background in law enforcement, and the ability to see and speak to the other side, makes him the most unique and sought after psychic medium of our time.
David Tadman Writer and Producer, Hollywood CA

The Psychic Cop takes the reader into the world of one of America’s renowned mediums, Chuck Bergman. This book reveals his personal experiences from the moment of discovering he had the ability to communicate with spirits through the process of developing that gift. Chuck’s mediumship work with clients makes for fascinating reading and, more importantly, validates that there truly is life after death.
Alison Baughman Numerologist, Radio Host, Pennsylvania www. visiblebynumbers. com

For anyone who has wondered where our loved ones go after death. Chuck will answer your question. He has received the most remarkable gift of being able to communicate with the other side. Chuck’s compassion, wisdom and calming nature enables his clients to feel comfortable and at ease, as he passes along incredibly accurate and personal information. Chuck reinforces the hope that our departed loved ones are always around us, and that the spirit lives on.
Robert Arena Clerk Magistrate, (Ret.) Essex County, MA.

A close friend, who had recently lost her husband, referred us to Chuck when our 30-year-old son suddenly passed away. Chuck connected us with Sean, whose sense of humor and personality came through loud and clear. We learned that he was happy and safe where he was, and that he was watching over us. The grief and loss that was taken away after Chuck’s reading made it possible for us to live a normal life again. We can’t thank him enough for his help.
John and Karen Edgar Parents



I have read this book and think it is excellent. If I hear someone say they aren’t sure of the afterlife then I suggest this book right away.
Love & Blessings, Glenda Ann Abell

This book was like the history of the subject afterlife. It taught you the about how different religions believe in the afterlife, and the scientific evidence that’s been collected. Very interesting if you have every questioned it.
Michael Perry

I thought The Everything Guide to Evidence of the Afterlife was amazing! I found the information on the evidence of the afterlife so interesting and written in a clear, easy to understand manner. I hope there are more books on the way!

10 Tips to Finding Answers About the Afterlife

  • Afterlife Beliefs in Ancient and Modern Cultures
  • Religious Beliefs and Theories of the Afterlife
  • Angels, Heaven, and Hell
  • Science Seeks an Explanation
  • Consciousness
  • Near-Death Experiences
  • Can Quantum Physics Offer Proof of the Afterlife?
  • Unraveling String Theory
  • Communication with the Afterlife
  • Afterlife Evidence from Mediums
  • Solving Crimes with the Help of the Deceased
  • Signs from the Other Side
  • Supporting Evidence
  • Deathbed Visitations
  • Medical Personnel: Witnesses to the “Crossing Over”
  • Miracles
  • Skepticism about the Afterlife
  • Do It Yourself: Conducting Afterlife Experiments




This book is entitled “Paranormal Contact with Famous Celebrities”. The Stars included are “ELVIS PRESLEY”, “ROY ORBISON”, and “JOHNNY & JUNE CARTER CASH” of the twenty one Famous Celebrities making contact from across the veil from the Spirit World. Chuck Bergman known as the “Psychic Cop”, and Patricia Mischell “World Renowned Psychic Medium” provided amazing contact. Their gifts are remarkable which made this book possible. From the Historic Alhambra Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida where over one hundred Movie, and Television Stars performed as well as Famous Celebrities which are performing in 2019, attending Gallery Events, and a Reading that brought amazing contact that I know that you would like to read. I know the reader will enjoy seeing the ten Autographs and ten pictures in this book. The Famous Celebrities that are included range from Famous Music Stars, Movie and Television Stars, a Grandmaster in Martial Arts, Famous Psychics, and many more. 

Ernest F. Hill is a sixty-eight-year-old Accountant from Jacksonville, Florida. He has been trained to be analytical, practical, and level-headed in problem solving. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with Major in Accounting from the University of North Florida in 1976. This training has helped in this “Paranormal Research” to see if any verifiable evidence could be found to support the conclusion that there is Life after Death.

Ernest F. Hill is the author of  “Civil War Battle of Petersburg, Search for Past Life” written in 2006, and “Relationships Through Time, Search for Past Life” written in 2010.