“A gifted medium who also deeply cares about people and his work.” (Massachusetts)

This guy is great!!!
Thank you Chuck for such a wonderful reading you did for me last night. Not only am I 100% sure that you were speaking to my Aunt and mother but you captured her personality in some of your voice tones and expression you described her doing. The best comment was when you said she was “bitching about her hair at the end” because that was so HER and she didn’t like short hair and only liked one color and they cut it short and changed the color. She would say it actually like that. Also a hand gesture and noise you made.
Undeniably you talked about topics such as: the lightweight necklace I bought two days ago in memory of her; the jeep, getting the name Tim with her as Tim she always spoke so highly of and he is over there already and his daughter legally represented my aunt. Big one was your reference to our many phone calls at “Manchester by the Sea” when I would call her and talk for over an hour filling in the blanks for her. Nailed that one. The description of large seaport bridge which is next to an old bridge that I have been taking long walks over in last few weeks since the end of her illness and passing. So much evidential information of her being around me in spirit the last few days.
I would highly recommend Chuck to anyone for her surely is a gifted medium who also deeply cares about people and his work.

“Without fail, he’s been on target and accurate every time.” (Illinois)

I’ve been going to Chuck for 10 years, and without fail, he’s been on target and accurate every time. He IS the real deal, and a good man with a kind heart to boot. I’d recommend him to anyone, he’s absolutely awesome!

“A warm hearted person with accurate extraordinary talent.” (Israel)

Dear Chuck, I wish to thank you for the extraordinary International reading and connecting with my daughter’s spirit. I chose you as a medium mostly thanks to your work background as a police officer and you did shed light upon the circumstances of her sudden, tragic death with lots of accurate details in a way that totally removed any doubts i had prior to this reading. More than this, I’m totally convinced now that her spirit is with me constantly as you provided accurate actions, happenings and even thoughts that she sees on a daily basis. This is a very healing and comforting feeling that enables me to move on with my life after such a loss with less pain. We made this reading on Skype as I am located in Israel and it went just great. You are a warm hearted person with accurate extraordinary talent. I am happy and grateful I met you!
Yours truly,

“You are the real thing and that you really care about helping those that are grieving.” (Texas)

Hi Chuck, It took me three days to fully understand the many things that you gave me during my reading. My son came in beautifully. How do you do it? You had my son’s mannerisms down as if he were standing next to you. People need to know that you are the real thing and that you really care about helping those that are grieving. You also treated me with respect. The process was actually fun. There were two things that you told me about his motorcycle accident that did not make sense to me at the time. My husband saw the notes (12 pages) and admitted that he held that information from me. You eased my husband’s pain as well. He never believed in this sort of thing until he read my notes. Wish you lived closer I would love a one on one reading.
Thank you so much.
God Bless, Christine

“My Dad must like you because he wouldn’t talk to or open up to just anyone.” (Brazil)

Hi Chuck, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help and professionalism. You, by far, exceeded all my expectations and it feels like whenever I want to “call” my Dad all I have to do is “call” him through you. My Dad must like you because he wouldn’t talk to or open up to just anyone. You also helped me and my family find out very important information that brought us peace and tools to help us deal with our loss. I have had a few other experiences with psychic mediums and none of them were as accurate and as serious about their work as you. You treated me with the utmost respect and more than just a number. You made me feel like part of your circle of friends and went beyond the allowed scheduled time because you care. You made me comfortable enough to laugh, cry and just talk and for that I thank you. I hope you didn’t feel overwhelmed when I utilized you as a psychologist during our sessions! My family and I wish you and your family a wonderful 2008! May this coming year be the most blessed and joyful one ever!
Best Regards,

“Truly Healing and Joyful” (Australia)

Dear Chuck, It’s Thursday afternoon here in Australia and I have been sitting here thinking of my beautiful reading with you on Monday, it is still so hard to put into words how truly healing and joyful it was. Such a delight that my grandparents came in so strongly, with such love and laughter to share, not to mention my father in law, I am still in awe at the absolute connection that you shared, you gave me such beautiful messages with such amazing accuracy, names, dates and precious moments, it literally was like being with them in person once again. Your compassionate and joyful spirit was contagious, and it was nice to shed tears of joy. When my beloved daughter Phoebe came through with such specific heart warming messages, and shared with you things that only her daddy and I know, my heart all but burst with joy, as you can see, it is still so hard for me to put into words how precious my reading with you was and is, and will continue to be. The reading itself was so spot on, and the energy that you so lovingly shared made it all the more heart felt, I truly felt that you had us all sitting together in one love filled room having a wonderful spiritual family reunion, incredible being that our reading was by telephone, and you are in the United States and I am all the way over here in Australia!!! I truly feel an incredible amount of peace since my reading, as you shared things with me from dearest Phoebe that only she and I knew, beautiful moments that we shared so tenderly together, its impossible to express the profound ache a mother’s heart feels at the loss of a beloved child, and beautifully during my reading you helped piece together the fragments of my heart, when Phoebe shared with you that particular specific precious moment in the hospital, it was like I was once again in that glorious embrace, and I will be eternally thankful to you for helping re-create that magical moment, not only for me but for my beloved daughter to, and for my husband who laughed and cried with joy that she shared that with you. Thank you just does not seem to do justice to the gift that you shared with me, your beautiful warmth was incredible, and it was a joy to speak with you and share my family with you. I adored the laughter that came through the reading as well, the humor that was and is such a huge part of my grandparents energies, it was a delight to share that laughter with them again. Chuck thank you so very much for being the wonderful soul that you are, the joy and peace I have felt all week since my reading has been so wonderful, its like I have felt the sun shining on my face for the first time in the longest time.
God bless you always and thank you!!! With love and best wishes to you,
Ronnie xoxox

“I have no words to express how much I appreciate your gifted ability as a psychic medium [and] your personal integrity.” (New York)

Hello Chuck, After our very first reading a few years ago I knew I was blessed in finding your link on the JVP website. The sheer volume of accurate information you communicated in our very first reading was enough to be the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime. Now, many readings later I can look back and say each reading since then has been fresh and unique, while at the same time more comfortable, relaxed, and familiar. I have no words to express how much I appreciate your gifted ability as a psychic medium. And I appreciate your personal integrity which is always committed to honoring the process. Each reading has given me opportunity for spiritual growth as well as endless confirmation that love truly is a bridge across forever.
Warm Regards,

“You have a real gift continue to use it continue to make the world better.” (Ohio)

Chuck, It was a pleasure to talk with you yesterday. You have a wonderful gift and you make folks lives great. And really, that’s all we can ask out of the world. Thank you for connecting with my wife grandfather and father. I enjoyed our conversation, and wish you all the best. You have a real gift continue to use it continue to make the world better. As you mentioned, I don’t need to know what the world holds for me, I just wanted to connect with the family. My wife meant the world to me my father and grandfather, I got to hear from all of them and you were dead accurate. Thank you! Thank you! Stay blessed and have a great great summer!
Kindest regards,

“Thanks to you, I have finally made peace with my brother.” (France)

Chuck, Thanks to you, I have finally made peace with my brother. His message to me has given me a new life. I no longer walk around with the guilt that I had before my reading. Thank you for making it possible. I look at the gift of life in a totally different way now. You are gifted in a way that I have never seen. My entire family expresses our love and thanks to a man that will always be remembered as connecting with Marc and allowing our family to be together one last time.

“You gave details and validations that no one would have known and only Mom would have given you.” (Pennsylvania)

Hi Chuck, What a great reading that was!!! I appreciate it so much! You are truly dedicated to what you do, not only as a medium, but as a detective in trying to solve the mystery surrounding my mother’s death. My brother and I are at such a loss at our mother’s sudden and tragic death, that we want to put the person responsible behind bars. Your validations and clues about her death and the circumstances surrounding it coincide with what we think happened. While we are still waiting on the coroner’s report, you gave details and validations that no one would have known and only Mom would have given you. I feel that I was led to finding you so that I could get this information, as I don’t think any other medium could have gotten these details or given them the way you did because of the background that you have. Words can’t express my gratitude, and your communication today is pure validation that my mother is well on the other side!
Thank you so much,

“I won’t have to cry every day anymore, you made me smile for the first time since 1994.” (Maryland)

Hi Chuck, I just wanted to thank you for the reading…but the most important thing is that I won’t have to cry every day anymore, you made me smile for the first time since 1994. Thank you so much for helping me to forgive my mother…that means more to me than anything!!!
Thanks again, Wendy P.S.- I think in approx. 6 months you’ll be hearing from me again!

“You truly made an amazing impact on my life.” (Colorado)

Chuck you truly made an amazing impact on my life. During a very difficult time, you helped me connect with my spirit guides to get guidance. We all seek God’s guidance more during trying times, but sometimes amidst all the stress and anxiety, you need a little help getting the message, and that’s exactly what Chuck did for me. The messages were clear and precise, and there were a number of unique and special validations among them that only I would be able to understand. When I listen to my sessions with Chuck, I often shake my head with amazement at how the messages are meant just for me. I would have been absolutely lost without this connection to my guides during this very low period in my life. What an invaluable resource this has been to me. Aside from his gift, Chuck is a truly caring human being. I have gotten to know him a little bit through our conversations, and I am proud to call him a friend.

“I feel a weight has been lifted.” (Florida)

Dear Chuck, My mom and I wanted to thank you so much for the reading you did for us yesterday. I was hoping so badly that my dad would come through and I was amazed at how much time he spent “talking” with us! 🙂 My dad was an absolute riot and his personality came through loud and clear. When you told us that dad said “you can’t improve on perfect!” about himself I had no doubt it was Dad. It is totally something he would say. Then when you said that Dad said to my mom “I love you but if I could marry Kelly I would” I nearly died. That is so funny! My dad and I were very close and so much alike!! We were like 2 peas in a pod. For about 6 years when I was younger we worked together at a courthouse. I was a secretary in the probation department and Dad was downstairs in the police room. We used to watch crime shows together and could always figure out the plot before it was revealed. One of the greatest compliments he ever gave me was when he said that I would have made a great cop! Then he said “your brother could never make it as a cop – he’d be dead in a week! They’d have to give him rubber bullets”. HA HA!!! That was Dad’s personality – so funny and he spoke without a filter. He always just said what was on his mind – that came through loud and clear at the reading. When you mentioned that I was having a really tough year it was so true. Dad died on May 14th of last year. My dad dying was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I took it very hard. No one should have to lose their father at age 35. I had no doubt he was okay and in a better place but that didn’t make my pain any less. It was hard for me that life moved on and the day to day living had to go on even though I hurt so bad inside. I have always had an open mind and I knew that there were people out there with a gift that could communicate with those that have gone on. When I was searching for mediums in Florida I came across your website. When I saw that you had been a police officer for 32 years in Salem I knew that you were the one we had to see. I have a great deal of respect for police officers and they don’t get the credit they deserve. I give you so much credit for pursuing your gift and being so open about it. I know that men and general and especially police officers I would think, would kind of poo poo that type of thing. If they only knew! 🙂 The fact that you were a police officer for so long gives you so much credibility and integrity. I know a lot of people might picture someone with a turban on their head and a crystal ball when they think of psychics or mediums. Soooo not true! Having had the opportunity to have a reading with you, I feel a weight has been lifted. I think now that I can move on and I know for sure Dad is okay and actually seems to be having a good time! My husband was amazed at everything we told him. He seems happier too. He loved my dad very much as well.
Thank you again for everything! You have an amazing gift,
Kelly Buchanan

“Thanks to your kindness and ability to channel her spirit, I now know she will forever be with me and is at peace in heaven.” (Florida)

Hi Chuck, I can’t thank you enough for seeing me last Friday. I left your home with a smile in my heart- and that had not happened since the loss of my mom. Saturday morning, Christmas Eve, I woke up and started thinking of things you said. The Angel reference, and then the song from Bette Midler’s movie “Beaches” “Wind beneath my wing” keep resonating in my thoughts. (can’t wait to get the CD by the way) I went to my mantle in my bedroom and picked up the figurine, I attached a photo of to this email- a Mother angel, holding her daughter my mom gave me a few years ago. I turned the knob so the music would play and, you guessed it, the song was “Wind beneath my wing”……. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love I can’t explain, as I realized that my mom was with me, has been all the time since she passed, and had to see me hold that weeks ago and she saw me cry with sadness at her not being with me any longer- so she wanted me to know SHE is with me! God bless you and your ability to comfort lost souls like mine was before I came to see you. I am still very sad and I am sure I will be for the rest of my life- losing someone like my mom is tragic, however, thanks to your kindness and ability to channel her spirit, I now know she will forever be with me and is at peace in heaven where she belongs. Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you and I look forward to meeting again soon.

“Since my reading I have been in such a wonderful inner peace.” (Florida)

Dear Chuck Bergman, I personally know Mr. Bergman. In my experience Mr. Bergman is real; he has a unique way to describe the visions that he perceives to give you the correct message, from my personal experience. He has a gift and I can read him (His body language) before he delivers the message you at the same time need to be willing and cooperative, to access the spiritual level. In our lives past experience everybody is unique and simple to verify individually and you can tell what is true and what’s not. We are blessed that he’s one of our Jacksonville Fl. citizens. My grandparents came in so strongly, with such love and laughter to share, when in real life I only met my granny. She was the one that raised me, but through the year I followed my grand dads history and he showed d himself to me, like a reminder of what kind of life he live I’ve been in touch with my grand aunt who passed last year she gave me such beautiful messages with such amazing accuracy, names, dates and precious moments, we don’t need to worry about her, she’s fine; it literally was like being with them in person once again. I felt like a had the wonderful opportunity to have an incredible family reunion through my heart. I had the reading here in Jacksonville, Fl but all my family history is in Panama, part of Central America. We had such wonderful memories from our past, and they share wonderful news for these hard time’s right now, my biggest worry is about my sons disability and how he can deal with his limitations when I won’t be around ; now I have good expectations about the future. Since my reading I have been in such a wonderful inner peace, it’s impossible to explain the connection between our times, our space. Love is not for a moment the soul connection doesn’t die with the physical death, the loss takes another meaning. With love and thanks!

“We truly believe your accuracy to be an amazing 95% accurate!” (Canada)

Chuck, The reading we had with you was amazing. It was great at the time but now we’ve had time to replay our CD and analyze it further it has proved even more so. Even being very judgmental we truly believe your accuracy to be an amazing 95% accurate! I have no idea how you do it, it is a gift that many others should consider using during their times of need. The ‘hits’ just flowed and no one could ever describe them as generic. Several of the things we spoke of had occurred the very same day of the reading and this has helped confirm for us that our loved ones who have passed are around us even now. For myself the reading has allowed me to move forward from being a ‘wishful thinker’, through to being a ‘believer’ of an afterlife to finally becoming a ‘knower’. This is immensely healing and for anyone who feels the need to contact their loved ones and really help themselves through the grieving process then I highly recommend your services. Thanks for an incredible experience.
You are AMAZING!

“I was in awe by the accuracy of the reading.” (California)

Hi Chuck, Hope you’re doing well. I would like to offer the following testimonial. Thank you so much for the reading that you did for me after my father passed over in April. For several months, I listened to the CD you provided, almost every day. I was in awe by the accuracy of the reading, as well as intrigued by things you see in my immediate future. Some things have happened already and others are in the process of happening. In many respects, the reading was a life-changing experience for me, and it made me believe even more in the unseen. For example, you mentioned that someone would come along to help me with a project. The person did arrive several months later. We’re working on a proposal to do a documentary on African spirituality and healing systems. The CD encouraged me to keep working, and to keep taking the next step in faith…knowing that help would soon be on the way. I heard you on a radio show called “Visible by the Numbers” and one of the comments you made to the host was that you’ve learned to trust the messages of Spirit because the messages are for real. I was inspired by that comment and I wrote “trust…..it’s for real” as a reminder to myself on a sticky pad in my office. I am studying mediumship at the moment, and I will never forget the instrumental role you played in my development (simply by reporting what you see). I hope to be for others what you have been to me — a bridge to the otherworld — a vessel for Spirit……and a reminder that with hope and trust…..all things truly are possible.
With respect and eternal gratitude,
James Weeks, Oakland CA

“Thank you for the amazing reading with my Dad.” (Florida)

Hi Chuck! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing reading with my Dad. It was really special to see that because I was willing to forgive him, that he let go of all the issues from the wars, that were keeping him down in the dark levels. It was especially rewarding for him to say that he loved me, something that he never did while he was alive. Now I am at peace, knowing that he is now starting to move up, and progess towards the light! Thanks again! God gave you a very special gift, and you are definitely affecting lives with it in a very positive way! Please feel free to use this on your testimonials page, maybe it will help someone else!
God Bless,
Brian Darley

“More than the ‘Real Deal’, he is not only an accurate medium, but one that goes ‘Beyond Your Expectations.'” (Florida)

Hi Chuck! I have had the pleasure of speaking directly with Chuck and can assure any person that he is more than the “Real Deal”, he is not only an accurate medium, but one that goes “Beyond Your Expectations” when giving evidential spirit readings. Chuck is inspirational, captivating, and passionate about his work, and provides the right wisdom proving that our consciousness lives on — eternally.

“I just want everyone to know how truly wonderful you are. YOU ARE THE REAL THING!” (Georgia)

Hi Chuck, I got the CD yesterday. Thank you so much! After listening to it again things that didn’t click before came to light. What you do for people and family’s such as mine is so wonderful. Things I have held in for so many years came to light and I feel as if a great weight has been lifted. No one could have known the things that were coming out except my brother and father. I will be forever grateful for finding you and now feeling though I have a wonderful friend as you to turn to. Don’t ever stop doing what you do. You are such a kind and considerate person. My sister, brother in-law and my mother are also grateful. I can never thank you enough for bringing the peace and love I now can finally feel. As a child and all through life I always felt as though I didn’t fit or wasn’t really wanted. To hear my father tell me how much he loved the person I’d become, and he loved me was like hearing the words for the first time. I will be seeing you again. I just want everyone to know how truly wonderful you are. YOU ARE THE REAL THING!
Your friend,

“So much sensitivity and caring for the people you are working with.” (Pennsylvania)

Hi Chuck, Thank you so much for our great session today! This was the second time I have seen you work, and I’m simply amazed at the amount of information you get and your ability to put it into words. Being a reiki practitioner, I know how difficult it can be to make sense out of information that is received from the other side, especially since it’s delivered without any context! Sometimes it’s just a fleeting image, a small voice, a partial word/phrase, a sound, an impression, or even a scent, all of which can be very hard to describe to your client. Yet you do this so quickly, so well, and with so much sensitivity and caring for the people you are working with. You really have a gift and have taken the personal risk to share it with others.
Thank you for sharing it with me!